Signature and classic cocktails are now available for delivery.

They are made to order, and will be delivered with an ice shaker and garnish to keep up with our highest standards maintained at the bar. 200ml is provided per order, the standard volume for three cocktails.

If ordered, please send your ID and photo to our Instagram so we can confirm your age.


HOW TO PREPARE YOUR COCKTAILS (video demonstration available)

1. Drain the water from the ice shaker.

2. Pour a suitable amount of cocktail into the shaker.

3. Shake the bottle thoroughly in a circular motion, as shown in the video. This ensures that the ice is crushed less, and less water dilutes the cocktail.

4. Pour cocktail into prepared glass (recommended ice level for each cocktail shown below)

5. Garnish the top of your glass, and enjoy.  



1. Old Fashioned (23%) (Base: Bulleit bourbon)

A traditional whisky cocktail with bitters, soda water and a simple orange garnish. Serve in a tumbler with plenty of ice.


2. K-Negroni (23%) (Base: Tanqueray gin, infused ginseng bitters)  

To make the perfect negroni cocktail, all you need is balance: use equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari, and choose the best products you have in reach


3. Dry Martini (25%) (Base: Tanqueray gin, served with an olive)

Our version of the ultimate classic cocktail is stirred, not shaken. Serve your martini with a twist of lemon, or an olive.


4. Miracle on the Han River (12%) (Base: Lee Gang Ju soju)

Created for the 2016 OECD dinner reception, it is made from fresh lemon juice, pineapple juice, and grapefruit syrup for a fruity tropical taste.


5. Night Emperor (23%) (Base: Boodles gin infused with sericea)

Our signature dry cocktail, perfect for those who love the taste of alcohol. Sericea is a legume that is grown in Korea, and farmed for promoting male fertility.


6. Danji (13%) (Base: Lee Gang Ju soju)

Made with rice punch, scorched rice syrup, and our distilled rice wine Try this for a creamy, rice flavoured cocktail that you will not be able to try anywhere else.


7. Korean Martini (19%) (Base: Lee Gang Ju soju)

Made with Lee Gang Ju soju, Dry Vermouth, Ogam made sweet cinnamon punch. Try it for a really dry, cinammon taste cocktail.


8. Gin & Tonic (9%) (Base: Gordon's London Dry Gin)

Made with Gordon's London Dry Gin with Schweppes Tonic and lime, for a classic G&T flavour.


9. Cosmopolitan (13%) (Base: Grey Goose vodka)

Sweet and sour in a glass, the Cosmopolitan is made from vodka, cranberry, orange liquer, and citrus juices. Perfect for parties!


10. Margarita (13%) (Base: Don Julio Blanco Tequila)

Tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice is combined to create an amazing cocktail. Coat the rim with salt for that extra kick.


11. Passionfruit Martini (8%) (Base: Grey Goose La Vanille)

With passion fruit, vodka, lime juice, and prosecco, it's an amazing fruity cocktail to relax with friends.


12. Wasabi Bloody Mary (5%) (Base: Grey Goose vodka)

A bloody mary with a spicy extra kick from the hot sauce and the wasabi!


13. The Penicillin (12%) (Base: Johnnie Walker Black & Talisker 10)

The Penicillin is a Scotch-based whiskey sour, with honey as the sweetener and a little ginger for spice.


14. Boilevardier (23%) (Base: Bulleit Rye Whiskey)

Maybe you love a good Negroni, but you’re also a big fan of whiskey. Perhaps you love the Manhattan, but want to try something different (but not too different). Or maybe you’re just an adventurous drinker looking for a rich, complicated cocktail that’s easy to make and perfect for fall.

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