Meaning of HWAYO:
[燒]=HWA[火] +YO[堯]
The name HWAYO (火堯) was made by dividing the Chinese character ‘So’ (燒) of ‘Soju’ (燒酒). ‘Hwa’ (火) means fire and ‘Yo’ (堯) means a high and noble object. Earth (土) which could be divided from Yo (堯) expresses the sprit of HWAYO. These two words meet together to honor the name of the best distilled spirit in Korea.


HWAYO vacuum distillation allows the liquor to capture the rich aroma of rice.
When HWAYO 25 is diluted with hot water with a ratio of 6:4 or taken when it’s warm, you can feel a great balance and finish. Taste or aroma does not change when HWAYO 25 is diluted with water.


HWAYO 41 is an exceptional liquor for distinguished events. A delicate fragrance and the intense aroma can be noticed after HWAYO 41 is aged in a porous clay pot for 3 months. The best way to feel the rich flavor and taste is with shots. Serve on the rocks just like whiskey to enjoy its exquisite tenderness and structure.
Thanks to its unique rice flavor, HWAYO 41 has received overwhelmingly positive reactions when used as cocktail base at bars and clubs.

Hwayo Soju (25%/41%) 500ml