We boast the best Korean fried chicken in London, made fresh every time using our secret homemade recipe. It's served boneless using thigh meat, and comes in original crispy, sweet chilli, and soy garlic flavours. The seasoning and marinades were all created in-house, our sweet chilli sauce having a hot Gochujang (chilli paste) base and soy sauce marinade being infused with fruits, herbs, and garlic.


This is for 10 pieces, good for one if you're hungry or two to share.




Cereals containing gluten**  글루텐 함유된 곡물
Sesame seeds 참깨
Soya 매주콩



If you have any allergies, please ask a member of staff and we'll be happy to assist you.

Korean Fried Chicken (10 pieces)

SKU: 0013
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